Capture Every Moment of Your Vancouver Weddings with Professional Cinematography


The stage is set. Love is in the air. That ring sparkles every time that sunlight hits it and the anticipation of a lifetime dream coming true is mesmerizing… How will a physical event ever measure up to that dream?  When planning a wedding, the task of creating and expressing our deepest level of sentiment can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Although the dream is alive in our every breath, communicating that dream to those around us might not be as easy as it is to breathe it in.

Finding the support that is needed in fulfilling the desire and expectation of making a perfect memory is a valuable part of achieving that goal. With so many options available, the individual choice of how to implement that support is an important one. Wedding cinematography is a strong and viable choice. Cinematography is the art of bringing life and motion to the pictures that create unforgettable moments. Wedding cinematography brings an entire team of creative support to an event and can be an intimate style of capturing, sharing and preserving memories for a lifetime.

wedding cinematography

wedding cinematography

Vancouver wedding cinematography is a competitive market. It is a competitive market because it is not only a technical process, but it is a creative one. It requires a level of talent and expertise that is unique in approach to each and every original moment. Choosing a business that understands and serves your needs well can be a challenge within itself.

One of the leading companies in wedding cinematography Vancouver services is Life Studio Incorporated. Life Studios Incorporated delivers a workshop of artists that have over 20 years of combined experience in the technical process of creating quality that is unique to each individual occasion. With the use of Cinematography, Photography, Fashion, Sound Engineering and Broadcast, the contemporary approach of their team captures the essence that belongs to the present moment and produces a live story that is not only lived in front of the camera on that special day, but every time it is replayed on the screen for everyone to experience.

Cinematography is rapidly improving the quality of our everyday experience in creating memories and reliving them. This art offers the ability to literally document our own history in a way that will not only be seen, but felt by generations to come. Watching the love of our parents and grandparents come to life on screen inspires us and gives us confidence to carry on the love and legacy- our love and legacy. The living expansive expression of cinematography is a wonderful tool that can allow you to relax and live your dream while resting in the knowledge that you have professional artists that are capturing every moment.

Grab this opportunity to capture the beautiful palettes in your life with professional Vancouver wedding cinematography that will capture every moment and keep a vivid memory of your biggest day in life. With the professional wedding cinematography services such as those provided by Life Studios, you will never miss a moment thanks to their expertise and experience in the market.

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Wedding Decorations 101: Designing Table Centerpieces


A table centerpiece is aptly named. It is placed at the center of your guests’ tables at the wedding reception. Hence, you need to give it utmost attention and care when choosing the style of the centerpiece to create maximum styling effect. These floral arrangements serve as the focal point of the table décor and wedding decorations. If you are not sure about how to style yours, check out below for some tips and ideas you can work with:

Showcase Various Designs

It is fine to use the same pattern and floral arrangement for each table centerpiece. However, you can take your wedding decorations to another level by creating unique arrangements and styles for each table. This will make the space look more dynamic. Plus, it will leave out an impression to your guests that every detail is well accounted for. It is also a great way to instantly add texture to the room.

Choose Local Produce

This is a practical and affordable option when deciding on your table centerpieces for the wedding. Instead of ordering your flowers abroad, why not buy them from a local florist instead? You can save a great deal on shipping so you can order more flowers to use as décor accents for your wedding reception.

Function over Beauty

While it may be tempting to go all-out with your table centerpieces, you have to consider your guests too. Do not set your centerpieces too high. Make it the right height so that the guests can see and talk to each other from across the table. You can also make the centerpiece look lavish by alternating short and tall centerpieces.

Find a Focal Point in the Centerpiece Design

The least you would want to happen is to pay thousands of dollars on table centerpieces and floral arrangements that fail to deliver. Focus on a particular theme or color scheme that would tie up your décor accents together. That way, you can create a bigger impression rather than trying to dump all of the decorations in.

Choose Glamorous Vessels

It can be easy to focus too much on the flowers and floral arrangements that you neglect the vessels used on the centerpiece. If you have spent a lot of money on the flowers, you need to give enough attention on aesthetically pleasing vases, too. But if you want something unique, you can use antiqued décor to house your floral arrangements in. in some cases, clear glass vases also add an elegant and timeless feel to your centerpiece.

Flowers Aren’t Your Only Option

Do not limit yourself to floral arrangements when designing your wedding table centerpiece. Although they are your first option, you can also create a beautiful décor appeal with other accents like lanterns, glasses, or candles, among other things.  Just remember to not overcrowd the table, though.

Are you planning a wedding in Australia? Choose Circle of Love Weddings to take care of your wedding decorations and make it a truly memorable event.

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Volunteering In Bali, Paradise At Its Best


In this world, most of us are blessed because we have a home, a career, decent living conditions, the mod cons of daily living, time to enjoy all that life has to offer and so much more. But there are segments of our society that are not so lucky. They face the rigors of day to day living and each day is trying in itself. People are so busy with their own busy lives that more often than not, this realization does not find any place in their already full schedules. But there are people who do understand that the developing countries have problems of their own and they need help in any way possible. Volunteer work is one such avenue where people can give back to the society.

volunteer work

The first requirement of a volunteer is to actually want to help. Once decided, then there are a lot of options available for volunteer work in the world today. Developing Asian countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, etc. are countries where they need all the help they can get to improve their society. If you have a penchant for working as a volunteer Bali is the place for you. Bali is paradise on earth albeit a paradise where the people need help in improving their lot in life. Despite rapid economic progress, Indonesia still has about 70% of its population living in poverty. Fishermen and farmers live in isolated areas where they are don’t have good support and infrastructure.

These are the people who need assistance in learning how to cope with their situation and how best they can use the given circumstances to their advantage. IVI or Involvement Volunteers International is an independent organization that does a lot of work in countries that need help. They have properly planned programs for volunteers which include transportation, and accommodation. They also take into consideration that along with work, the volunteers would like to imbibe some of the local flavors as well. For a nominal fee, you get to mix with the local community, learn about them and assist in the many projects that are being carried out keeping the locals’ welfare in mind.

Volunteer work in Bali has many advantages. The country has a unique culture which is best experienced when you participate in its day-to-day living. There are over 300 ethnic groups settled there and each has their own unique cultural facets. A volunteer in Bali will find that along with the pleasure of helping those in need, the whole experience is one filled with a sense of satisfaction and a sense of having contributed to humanity. In fact, not just that but with the diverse art forms, the rich culture and all the volunteering, Bali is truly an experience of a lifetime. In fact, you may keep coming back for more, such is the impact of the country on your senses.

Bali is a beautiful and it promises so much more than what you see. For volunteers, it is a win-win situation.

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