Drug Dependency: Helping and Debunking Myths

Some people are conflicted with the use of drugs, particularly illegal ones. But help is ready for those who want to seek help. Are you ready to open your mind? Drug dependent people are not hopeless. If you know someone who suffers from drug dependency and wants to come clean, you can visit this site: https://www.arrowhealth.com.au/.

The Truth About Drug Dependent People

People who are drug dependent are under lot of misconceptions by people. Truth to be told, they weren’t into drugs in the first place. They became drug dependent because of the addictive effects of drugs that releases dopamine, hormones that are helping in the brain’s reward system. With the drug in their system, its hard to let go, especially when they are feeling a state of ecstasy or euphoria.

When they attempt to stop taking the drug, they experience feelings of withdrawal–a physical and psychological result of getting used to the drug’s effects. This can lead to weakening of the body, mood swings, hallucinations and constant drug cravings. It’s not a good thing to experience withdrawal, and you can help drug addicts to enter rehab with this link: https://www.arrowhealth.com.au/

Debunking Drug Addiction Myths

So what are some of the common misconceptions about drug dependent people? Here are the following below:

  1. They do not know what they’re doing – while it’s true that drug dependent people are taking illegal drugs like cocaine, amphetamine, or weed (in some countries), they’re not all clueless in what they do. Some take these drugs because they can’t get away with it.
  1. They take drugs because they’re poor and depressed – not all drug dependent people are poor. Taking drugs because of depression due to poverty and corruption is a strong factor on why they take drugs to cope up. In fact, the rich also use drugs, too. And they sell it to the poor for profits.
  1. They can’t be helped – they can be helped. There is always hope for a drug dependent person to have a successful rehab if he or she is willing to come clean. Once they realize that drugs are no good to their lives, they will seek help.

Help Someone In The Trap

How do you help an drug dependent person realize that drugs are not the only way to attain happiness? Here are five tips.

1 Talk to him like a friend politely but frankly.

  1. Ask him why he takes those drugs.
  2. Tell him what he has become after taking those drugs: is it positive or negative?
  3. If he realizes it has negative effects, he might be defensive and say it has positive effects on him. Assure him that he will be relying so much of these drugs that he will destroy his health, finances and relationships.
  4. Once he understands this, comfort him as a friend and refer him to a rehab center.

If you know someone trapped in drugs and want to have a rehab, you can visit this link: https://www.arrowhealth.com.au/.