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4 Truths About Business School That Nobody Told You

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Business school is a whole new experience. Though most would think that business school is not “that hard” as compared to other courses, that’s where most freshmen business students would disagree at the end of their first year.

If you’re looking for business courses or certificates and other courses as well, you may visit However, here are some “hard truths” that most business students won’t tell you before you enter business school.

There’s No Memorization

This one is a classic. Most people evade medical courses due to the constant memorization of terms and meanings. That’s why they enrolled in business school because there’s no memorization.

Your first hard truth is that business school is also full of memorization. But, why and how? First of all, you will be introduced to the world of business. You will learn about the fundamentals of business and management.

You will memorize business terms. Aside from that, you have to learn about management principles and methods. Remembering these methods by heart and mind is essential.

Moreover, business courses are purely applications. In the real world, you will deal with real-time problems. If you don’t remember the essential business principles, your business will inevitably fail, and you will not be an excellent manager.

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You Only Deal With Basic Operations

While it is partially correct, most freshmen students will realize that this notion is false when they reach higher business subjects. Business mathematics is easy during the first few years. The school will teach you computing discounts, markups, interests, and other necessary computations.

What you don’t know is that you’ll take subjects like statistics and calculus. You’ll be taking subjects that would require statistical analysis and methods like standard deviations, mean, least squares, chi tests, z tests, and so on.

These complex statistical models are helpful for finance and economics subjects. You’ll learn how to create graphs and how to interpret them. For more information about the business administration curriculum, you browse

You Need To Study Accounting

When students hear about accounting, they say it’s hard and boring. Well, accounting is the language of business. Without knowledge of accounting, managers cannot make decisions properly.

Accounting aims to produce financial statements to its various users. Managers make use of financial statements and reports to make business decisions. If you don’t know how these reports were prepared, how can you study it in the first place?

Case Studies Are Just For Seniors

That’s a big myth. In business school, case studies are ways to assess if the student can apply business theories. Case studies are written in a way to help students be engaged in what a real-world business scenario feels like.

All year levels have case studies. However, the difficulty and level of analysis needed vary per year level.

Business cases expose students to problem identification, analysis, and problem-solving. If case studies will be given only during the senior year, how can students develop their analytical skills?

In conclusion, cases are given evenly over the program, even for freshmen students.

5 Considerations you need to take when looking for a child care centre

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Now that it’s time for your child to attend child care, you’re probably feeling a range of emotions. You are, after all, entrusting your child in the care of a stranger. But a child care centre is a special place that enhances and nurtures the development of children through play and socialisation. So if you choose the right child care centre, you won’t have to worry about the safety and well-being of your child.

But how exactly should you start your search? When searching for “child care centres near me,” here are just some of the things you need to consider.

Determine what kind of child care services you need

It may come as a surprise, especially for first-time parents, that there are many different kinds of child care services available. So before googling “child care centres near me,” you need to have a clear idea of what type of child care centre you’re looking for. Here are just some of them.

  • Long day care
  • Occasional care
  • Family day care


Another thing to consider is the location of the centre. Choose something that near or along the way to your work. Aside from being convenient, this will also help you get to the centre to pick up your child on time.

A good curriculum

A good Cairns child care centre should have a stimulating curriculum. They should have structured schedules that include a lot of physical activity, individual activities, group programs, meals, snacks, and even free time. They should also have quiet time activities, such as reading sessions for individuals and groups. See more at Lady Gowrie


The cost of child care doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it can take a big portion of your household expenses. Child care costs will vary significantly between locations and services. But do take note that the most expensive fee isn’t always the best. Likewise, the lowest fee doesn’t always mean low standards.

After all, the government subsidises child care. Although the subsidy doesn’t cover all the expenses, a subsidy is still a subsidy. And it can go a long way. This is also the reason why some not for-profit child care centres are able to offer affordable, high-quality early childhood services.

Ask for a tour

It is within your rights to ask for a tour of the centre. If they refuse, then that should be an immediate red flag. During the tour, take time to check how the staff interacts with the children. Child care Sunshine Coast centres should create an environment that is conducive to learning whilst keeping the children happy.

You should also carefully check the cleanliness of the child care centre. Is it fresh and clean, or dirty and run down? The staff should also be well presented and nicely groomed. All of these factors should contribute to your final decision.

Final Thoughts

Although a quick search for “child care centres near me” will give you a long list, you can’t be sure that they are what you’re looking for, until you’ve seen them for yourself. Additionally, you need to take into consideration the reputation of the centre.

Lady Gowrie Child Centre has been educating and caring for children since 1940. Likewise, if you’re looking for the best child care jobs Gold Coast has to offer, then check out their job board. For more information, visit their website at:

Pursuing Education That Helps Save the Environment

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What if you can have a successful career and help the environment at the same time? Professionals in the field of environmental conservation and management are becoming more important today more than ever. The world is in dire need of their expertise, and more institutions are providing education that trains individuals to specialise in saving our ecology and resources. There are environmental short courses as well as longer courses for those who want to earn a university degree or a higher level of education.

environmental short courses

For those discerning if an environmental major or career is one they should pursue, take these benefits into consideration:

It is beneficial for mankind

We now live in a world where the population is rapidly growing, the consumption level is continuously increasing, and technology is constantly developing. All of these factors affect the world’s ecological situation and are threatening the health and preservation of our environment and resources.

Our world now needs more specialists who will help resolve environment-related problems. Majoring or taking short courses on environmental management allows you to use your education and expertise to save the environment and positively affect the fate of mankind.

Hands-on learning

Environmental courses encourage experience-based learning. This means students are involved in interactive and practical tasks which help them experience first-hand the actual work of an environmental expert, even while they are still students.

For those taking environmental manager training courses, gaining hands-on experience is a vital component of their education. This provides them with practical knowledge on how to manage real-life situations while they are on the job.

Be in touch with the outdoors

If you enjoy being in nature and finding ways to preserve the Earth’s ecology, then a diploma in environment is perfect for you. Your work requires you to do research, gather samples, and visit work sites. Your workplace will be the great outdoors.

Environmental Experts are in Great Demand

The world’s ecology is quickly deteriorating, thus, more environmental specialists are needed. Aside from acquiring formal education in universities, there are also organisations who train industries and companies through environmental short courses. These training programs aim to help improve the use of resources, limit industry pollution, and lower the harmful impact on the Earth’s ecology.

As the world’s environment becomes more endangered, more governments and communities are looking for more experts who can help and find solutions.

For Australian organisations or professionals who are looking for environmental short courses, check out

A variety of specialisations

Are you thinking twice about pursuing a career which specialises in the environment because you don’t think you have the Science or technical requirements to become an Absorb Enviro, Marine Biologist, Ecologist, or a Wildlife Conservationist?

The beauty of having a profession which focuses on helping the environment is that there are so many specialisations, and many of these don’t require you to be a scientist or work in a lab. You can pursue natural building, permaculture, sustainable and fair trade, and so on. When it comes to helping save the environment, there are so many ways to help.

Simple NLP Certification Techniques to Aid in Public Speaking

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While public speaking may come easily to some people, to others it may not be so. The difficulty is usually as a result of sudden stage fright punctuated by anxiety, nervousness, and downright fear. People in the latter group need not worry as Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques can come to their rescue. An NLP course consists of performance improvement processes that aid individuals in their professionals and personal lives. One NLP technique to help nervous pubic speakers is to believe that you are the best pubic speaker that particular audience has ever seen. That belief will make you see them as an adoring audience rather than an intimidating one.

Speaking to Difficult Audiences

At times, you may need to talk to audiences such as teenagers who can be good or nonchalant, rebellious, and challenging. Some of the teens who exhibit this behavior could be dealing with issues such as emotional disconnection, divorce in their families, abusive parents, and broken homes. When speaking to such teens, it is important to possess the emotional capabilities of handling them. Using references that counter their life circumstances can help you get an attentive audience from these age groups. The NLP course will aid you in building references for other desired beliefs through lively and passionate pubic speaking sessions.

NLP Course for Storytellers

Storytelling is another aspect of public speaking that can go well or badly depending on the public abilities of the narrator. While a person may have a good story to tell, it may not resonate well with their audience. With the NLP course, it will be easier to reach your audience in an unobtrusive, natural, and disarming manner, and a touch of humor. Reaching your audience will happen in such a way that your story will still have depth and allow for trust and rapport to develop with audiences of all ages. There will also not be a limit to where your mind can take you. If you want to extend boundaries in storytelling, you should get NPL certification.

Fast Phobia Cure
Fast phobia cure is among the successful techniques to aid pubic speakers. It works by letting people disassociate themselves from the overwhelming experience and learn from it neurologically. In the case of public speaking, it allows a person to mentally watch themselves standing fearfully in front of the audience and see how they perform. They do this repeatedly until they no longer have the fear of public speaking. Click here An NLP course consists of performance improvement processes

Fear of others judging you

Most public speakers think that their audiences are judging them negatively. After attending an NLP course, you will not see the audience in this manner since you will instead focus on the information at hand and the reason for the gathering. Instead of answering questions whose answers you do not have, you can just deflect them and, that way, you will not have a reason to be nervous. When you overcome your fear of public speaking, you will move ahead in your career and become a self-assured, strong, and confident person. You should, therefore, go for an NLP certification course if you have been fearful of presentations, interviews, meetings, toasts, or speeches in the past.

Tips to Help Students Choose a Childcare Training Institute

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Children are the basic fabric from which a society hinges its future. Without them, there is likely to be no continuity. That is why programs have been put in place to see to their general needs including education and health. At the same time, the numerous child care centers set up in a number of states across the globe are guided by certain rules and regulations depending on each state to ensure their best interests are catered for. All the same, the success of every childcare institution lies heavily on who takes care of these kids. For this reason, each child care home has to ensure their employees have been through the required child care course.

It is the responsibility of every childcare worker to ensure the child remains safe and healthy at all times during the period they are at the center and even at home. Children trust their caregivers, sometimes even more than they do their parents since they spend most of their time at the child care centers than at home. This makes the caregiver an important ally in the life of the child. The training they offer children should go beyond the center to be able to assist them even back at home. To be an effective caregiver therefore, one must undergo the needed child care course to deliver effectively.

Any person who has handled children of their own could take a child care course for granted, imagining that all children are the same. Youngsters come from varying backgrounds and therefore exhibit different traits that only a trained person is able to handle. For example, there are children from single parent families, absentee parents, disadvantaged backgrounds and the like. They cannot be the same. A trained caregiver is able to deal with all these categories of children because they have the required skills to identify each child’s needs and how to meet it.

At the moment, statistics show that the world population is on the rise despite family planning programs put in place by most governments. With the birth of more children, there is need to have more students take up childcare course programs to meet the ever rising demand for childcare workers. An individual thinking about joining a childcare course program should choose wisely the institution of study. Here are points to consider…

  1. Registered – Find out if the institution is registered first.
  2. Reputation – The best will always sell itself even without advertising. Be sure the institution is a cut above the rest. Most employers give first priority to students from recognized institutions during employment.
  3. Curriculum – Most governments have their curriculums designed for all institutions. Join an institution that uses a government approved curriculum to improve employment chances.
  4. Facilities – One becomes well trained from an institution with state of the art facilities. The current world is advanced and this should apply to a childcare training institute as well.
  5. Trained Workforce – Find out if the tutors are qualified. This can be done online.
  6. Affordable – Train at an institution whose charges are fair. Most people prefer to go for cheap but this may be expensive in the long run.