How to Decorate Your Wedding Marquee

If you think that a wedding marquee does not make for a lavish wedding reception, you’re wrong. In fact, you will have more decorating opportunities with a marquee as compared to other types of wedding venues. It is like a blank canvas that you can decorate however you want. But while a wedding marquee hire in Sydney can provide you with a venue to unleash your creativity, it can also be too intimidating for those who refuse to consider themselves the creative type.

Wedding Marquee Hire Sydney

To help you gain some inspiration, read on below for more decorating ideas when you opt for a wedding marquee hire in Sydney:

Use Tent Lining

The use of lining produces an intimate feel within the wedding marquee. Depending on the type of lining used and the print, you can also use it to reinforce your wedding theme. Make sure to ask your marquee hire company about it if they can provide it for you. There is also a practical advantage to adding a lining to the tent such as regulating temperature within the tent. Vintage style patterns are most popular in weddings because they offer a romantic and elegant touch to the wedding reception.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

These are one of the most important accents to a wedding reception, not just for marquees. But you can also exploit their use to make your wedding marquee stand out, as well as bring out a natural and fresh fragrance. There are also several types of flowers to choose from so you have limitless options when it comes to creating your decorations. Choose flowers that match your wedding theme and motif to create optimum impact.


Any good wedding marquee utilizes proper lighting. Hence, you need to take advantage of this styling aspect to illuminate your marquee. Dim lighting with strategically placed spotlights creates a gorgeous and stunning effect. Aside from spotlights, you can also add string of lights whether from light bulbs or lighted lanterns. These small accents help reinforce the theme, as well as function as additional source of light within the venue.

Paper Lanterns

These are very popular with wedding marquees as of late. One reason for that is that they give off a simple but elegant flair to your wedding decorations. It is also a cheaper alternative to chandeliers to decorate your ceiling with. You can choose from a variety of sizes or colors, or even combine them! There are no hard and fast rules to using paper lanterns to decorate your wedding tent – there are endless opportunities to be explored!


If you have a barn or rustic theme for your wedding, adding buntings to your wedding marquee is a great idea! They are easy to make (if you plan on doing DIY touches to your wedding) or buy! You can choose from a variety of colors and prints. This is a great opportunity to explore your creative side.

Working with wedding marquee hire Sydney firms should not be boring. There are so many possibilities you can explore when it comes to decorating your wedding tent.