The art of making candles

If you are new to the art of candle making, then you should begin with a starter kit. There are many stores on the Internet which provide all the accessories, and guide you in the process, if you are a beginner. They offer reed diffuser supplies such as fragrance, oil, wax, wicks, glass and many more.  These online stores generally sell items in whole sale, and you can buy goods from them easily, that too at very reasonable prices. Listed down are a few accessories that these stores offer to its customers.


The reed diffuser supplies provided by the candle manufacturing companies are usually Australian. However, the reed diffuser supply that is most often bought by the customers is the fragrance. The fragrances offered by these suppliers are made with top quality, tested oils and are a hot product in Australia. The formulas applied have been developed over the years in the US laboratories. Furthermore, the candles consisting of fragrances such as flowery and fruity, spice and herbs, food types, bakery, coffee, perfume types, exotic blends and many others can also be made especially for you by these companies.


You can also buy reed diffuser supplies such as blends and pure E-oils.

Blends- All important oil blends have been put to test and used to confirm its blend. The oil is mainly used for therapeutic purposes. Average dosage has to be applied, and you should be really very careful with them. Customers from across the globe, especially Australia and New Zealand, have been using these for years to make professional candles.

Pure E-oils- Finest qualified oils are also provided by companies, which offer products for body care and aromatherapy. However, make sure that the oils used in the body care products are used carefully to avoid any side effects.


There are different kinds of waxes available with these companies such as soy wax, Nature Wax, Eco Soya, IGI, Coconut wax and Container wax. All you need to do is select any depending upon the style of candle you want to make.

Candle glass

Candle glasses are also available with the suppliers. There are many types available such as Candela Tumblers in clear, white, red, ivory and black. Other types such Candela Tumblers frosted or hirricanes are also available and one can buy any as per their needs and preferences. Visit Candle Supply today!

Wicks and Accessories

The suppliers also sell many wicks and reed diffuser supplies, such as Wood Wicks, Tea-light and Spa-light wicks, Votive wicks, CDN wicks, Container-un-tabbed, Wick sustainers, Wick holders and wick stickers.

Candle jars

Candle jars are becoming widely popular among the customers. You can create a variety of styles using them. This is why the suppliers offer them in various designs, and you can buy as many as you want to create different types of candles.

Apart from providing these materials to produce candles at home or professionally, the manufacturers also make candles themselves, and also offer special discounts seasonally. New products are also available with these companies, and you can get details regarding the same on their website. You can even order supplies for making candles online. Feel free to visit their web page at