Wedding Decorations 101: Designing Table Centerpieces

A table centerpiece is aptly named. It is placed at the center of your guests’ tables at the wedding reception. Hence, you need to give it utmost attention and care when choosing the style of the centerpiece to create maximum styling effect. These floral arrangements serve as the focal point of the table décor and wedding decorations. If you are not sure about how to style yours, check out below for some tips and ideas you can work with:

Showcase Various Designs

It is fine to use the same pattern and floral arrangement for each table centerpiece. However, you can take your wedding decorations to another level by creating unique arrangements and styles for each table. This will make the space look more dynamic. Plus, it will leave out an impression to your guests that every detail is well accounted for. It is also a great way to instantly add texture to the room.

Choose Local Produce

This is a practical and affordable option when deciding on your table centerpieces for the wedding. Instead of ordering your flowers abroad, why not buy them from a local florist instead? You can save a great deal on shipping so you can order more flowers to use as décor accents for your wedding reception.

Function over Beauty

While it may be tempting to go all-out with your table centerpieces, you have to consider your guests too. Do not set your centerpieces too high. Make it the right height so that the guests can see and talk to each other from across the table. You can also make the centerpiece look lavish by alternating short and tall centerpieces.

Find a Focal Point in the Centerpiece Design

The least you would want to happen is to pay thousands of dollars on table centerpieces and floral arrangements that fail to deliver. Focus on a particular theme or color scheme that would tie up your décor accents together. That way, you can create a bigger impression rather than trying to dump all of the decorations in.

Choose Glamorous Vessels

It can be easy to focus too much on the flowers and floral arrangements that you neglect the vessels used on the centerpiece. If you have spent a lot of money on the flowers, you need to give enough attention on aesthetically pleasing vases, too. But if you want something unique, you can use antiqued décor to house your floral arrangements in. in some cases, clear glass vases also add an elegant and timeless feel to your centerpiece.

Flowers Aren’t Your Only Option

Do not limit yourself to floral arrangements when designing your wedding table centerpiece. Although they are your first option, you can also create a beautiful décor appeal with other accents like lanterns, glasses, or candles, among other things.  Just remember to not overcrowd the table, though.

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